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Afra Rebuscini

Anna Dufour Montuori

Kate Gu

Niamh O’Driscoll

I completed a BA Hons in Fine Art at Newcastle University before achieving an MA in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art. In the past I have worked as a HIX Award Co-ordinator for the 2016 HIX Emerging Artist Award. I have also worked at various other arts institutions including Thackeray Gallery, White Cube and Saatchi Gallery. I am passionate about supporting emerging artists at the beginning of their careers and also how art can be made accessible to non-art audiences.


Poppy Wu

As a curator with a background in architecture, my current curatorial practice encompasses site-specific public art, multidisciplinary approach of knowledge production, and contemporary Asian art in the context of Post-colonialism and globalization.


Sara Thorsen Fredborg

As a curator with a background in art history and museology, I have always been interested in collections, and the way they are used to approach contemporary issues and contemporary audiences. While studying at the Royal College of Art my practice and research interests have expanded from the context of museums and collections to the commissioning of new works, and the politics of the public realm. My research has revolved around (individual and/or collective) identity, and the contemporary moment, particularly in relation to site-specificity and art with political or social agency.


Wejdan Reda

My main interest lies in curating in the urban context and working with emerging artists from the Arab region on developing their artistic practices. For my research, I focus on the notions of the local and the transnational in relation to the contemporary art scene and the curatorial approaches in the Arab region.

Prior to my MA in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, I have worked on multiple exhibitions within and outside the gallery context both in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and London, United Kingdom including ‘Exclusion’ a purpose built exhibition featuring four female contemporary Saudi artists at Saatchi Gallery, London. As the founder of Sahaba club -a dedicated space for female artists with a focus on art, critical thinking, and philosophy; I aim to take the conversation about art and creative practice beyond the confined walls of a gallery space and into the the public realm.



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